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ZOOM Meeting of Creditors - §341(a)

Please review the USTP resources relating to your meeting of creditors.  The meeting ID and password can be found on Official Form 309I NOtice of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case that was mailed to you shortly after the filing of your case.

USTP guidance on acceptable forms of ID and SSN documents
USTP Best Practices for Debtors and Attorneys
USTP instructions for joining a Zoom 341(a) meeting

Secure Document Transfer Portal

Effective Immediately all Debtor I.D. documentation must be transmitted to the Trustee's office using a secure document portal. Get started at   

Tax Season

Please review your bankruptcy Plan - in most cases you are required to submit copies of your State and Federal tax returns to this office as well as your NET tax refund.  Send copies of your tax returns to the Trustee's correspondence address and pay in your tax refunds using TFS or via cashier's check or money order to the Trustee's bank in Tennessee. 

***Oregon Tax Kicker***
The Trustee will treat the kicker as he does any other refund which needs to be accounted for in the Schedules, Plan, and/or budget.

New Rules and Forms

Local Rules went in to effect 12/1/2023

Local Forms - many updates to local forms were made effective 12/1/2023, notably:

Order Confirming Plan (1350.21)

Notice of Motion to Buy, Sell, or Encumber (1301) and corresponding order (1301.5)

Notice of motion to Use, Lease, or Dispose of Interest in Property (1302) and corresponding order (1302.5)

The Trustee Fee:
Find detailed information about the Trustee fee and how it is calculated here.

Please note our mailing address:
Mail correspondence and required documents to:
400 E. 2nd Avenue Suite 200
Eugene, OR 97401

How to Pay!
If you are not subject to a wage withholding you may make your Chapter 13 payment to Naliko Markel, Trustee using the approved online payment service TFS.  Click here for more information or go to to sign up!  This is also a great way to pay in tax refunds, bonus income, overtime income, delinquency payments, payoff funds, etc.

The Trustee's
payment address for Cashier's Checks and Money Orders only:

Naliko Markel, Trustee
P.O. Box 613199
Memphis, TN 38101-3199

Click here for
Paragraph 4(b) payment structure examples